Herniated Disc Treatment

If a herniated disc has you down, Dr. Aaron Beck and the team at Beck Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Gardner, KS, offer customized and natural herniated disc treatment techniques.

Chiropractic Care for Herniated Discs

A herniated disc occurs when a spinal disc develops a tear in the outer casing, which provides an escape for the inner filling of the disc. For many people, the result can be debilitating pain, but chiropractic care can help. Dr. Beck and the team at Beck Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Gardner, KS, share some of the most effective techniques used in chiropractic disc treatment below.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Often, herniated discs are the result of poor daily habits that lead to misalignment. That misalignment causes too much pressure on the disc. By restoring proper alignment of the spinal column, this pressure is relieved from the disc, providing an opportunity for the disc to heal.

Decompression Therapy

Combining adjustments with decompression therapy can be highly effective in treating herniated discs. While adjustments restore alignment, decompression therapy gently stretches the spine. The stretching motion creates negative pressure that pulls in the disc, its inner filling, and nutrients that heal the disc and surrounding spinal components.


Acupuncture is a centuries-old technique used to treat various illnesses and types of pain. It utilizes very small needles in very specific parts of the body. These areas have been found to have a large number of nerve endings present. When the needles are inserted, they help block pain signals to the brain, release endorphins, and increase circulation.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is a technique that sends sound waves into the deep tissues. The sound waves cause an increase in blood flow to the disc and surrounding tissues, relieving tension and inflammation. It also stimulates tissue regeneration, which helps the disc and any impacted nerves or muscles heal more quickly.

Electrical Stimulation Therapy

Electrical stimulation delivers small electrical pulses to the muscles, which cause contractions. These contractions relieve tension and muscle spasms. They also help block pain signals and improve blood flow to the treatment site.

Rehabilitative Exercises

Rehabilitative exercises play a crucial role in the health and healing of your musculoskeletal system. These are very specific stretching and strengthening movements that target troubled areas to relieve pain, inflammation, and tension. They also stimulate recovery of the soft tissues, strengthen core muscles to prevent further pain by improving spinal support, and restore range of motion.

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